Days of Moscow in Singapore Finish with Signature of Programme of Cooperation

Singapore’s first Days of Moscow event is over. The main outcome was the signature of a programme of cooperation for the period to 2018, by Sergei Cheryomin, a minister in the Moscow Government and Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations (DEEIR), and Mr Kong Wy Mun, CEO of Singapore Cooperation Enterprise, a government agency.

The roadmap underlying the programme envisages cooperation between the DEEIR and Singapore Cooperation Enterprise in fields such as transport planning and road and transport infrastructure development, human resource management, and information and communication technology development and application.

According to Mr Kong, the programme shows the understanding between the two sides and their desire for closer ties. During the meetings and discussions, the Singapore authorities expressed an interest in discussing the conditions for implementing projects supporting trade and investment in Moscow, and a willingness to consider proposals on trade and investment cooperation.

Singapore Cooperation Enterprise was formed in 2006 by Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Trade and Industry with the aim of effectively developing the country’s relations with foreign states. According to Mr Cheryomin, Singapore Cooperation Enterprise represents a decent spectrum of Singaporean businesses, so working with the agency “provides extensive opportunities in the long run to work directly with investors, and to effectively inform a wide range of them about Moscow.”

Another result of the Days of Moscow was the signature of a memorandum of cooperation between Moscow Zoo and Singapore Zoo. The two sides have agreed to share information and experience in conservation, education, research and recreation. It has already been announced that Moscow will be getting some deer and various birds – superb starlings, scarlet ibises and roseate spoonbills. Singapore, meanwhile, is to receive some sable antelope and some Senegal and greater galagos (bushbabies).